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» Audrey Tang from 猪股健太郎の雑記
read this entry posted by Audrey Tang. what if we called her \o-tori tan\ (鳳たん) ? ...... hey, to whom the hell am I offering a suggestion? ;-) [Read More]

» Just Another Runtime Typecasting from 帝國反抗君 - PowerOp
Two outstanding transgender people in our community: Beryl packager Quinn Storm and Perl hacker Audrey Tang [Read More]

» Dynamic || Static || ... from ふらっと
Perl界のヒロイン唐鳳さん、動的性的キャストしていたんですね。 それにしても高校中退とか、なんとも型やぶりだと思います。 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Audrey_Tang http://pugs.blogs.com/audrey/2005/12/run [Read More]