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Marc Lehmann never claimed that there were 0 lines of perl code in the world, but instead 0 lines of perl 6 (the compiler/language system etc.).

Please don't spread this myth, it would be easy enough to clarify that by asking him instead of spreading FUD.

Actually, even worse, most of the myths mentioned in the Juerd talk were not mentioned by Marc at all. He never claimed perl6 would be an aprils fool joke, nor that "_" would be the concatenation operator, that perl6 would by closed development, that perl6 will depend on parrot and most other points mentioned in the Juerd talk.

If the perl6 developers cannot stand criticism by arguing by facts and reason. they should really be quiet about it, instead of spreading lies about what other people said or wrote, without even trying to get it right.

I am rather disappointed with this behaviour, and I think soemthing is really rotten with perl6 if the devs need to resort to this kind of fudding.

Hello person who is too lazy or scared to type their name,

No matter how you look at Marc's "there are 0 lines in Perl 6" -- examples or implementation, he is definitely wrong. There is Perl 6 in implementation code, unit tests, examples, and modules.

Also, my talk wasn't JUST a response to Marc's talk. I have expanded an original talk, and added some slides to it. Audrey mentioned in her article that it was an *updated* talk.

Please be much more careful before posting silly remarks that state false information. Thank you!

I'm terribly sorry. I should have been more clear -- Indeed, the first parts of Juerd's slides was already written months ago.

I've updated the phrasing of "extended his 'Perl 6 Myths'" in the main body to avoid confusion, and also clarified the "0 lines" statement.

However, there are more than 0 lines of Perl 6 compiler and runtime written in Perl 6; Prelude.pm alone is 281 lines, and the Pugs::Compiler::* suite is steadily growing with more self-hosted Perl 6 code. Not to mention Test.pm and other modules that forms part of the Perl 6 runtime.

Or did I miss Marc's original point? Was it that "Those are parts of Pugs, not part of Perl 6" ? I wasn't there, but I'll ask Marc about it. Thanks for the feedback. :-)

I am neither too lazy nor too scared, but I do request that my privacy is respected.

Anyways, this is silly. Of course there are no lines of the perl6 compiler existing yet (pugs, and this is claimed by lots of people) is just a prototype, which Marc explained. If you disagree with that, then that should be stated, instead of a completely wrong claim. Putting words into others mouths is very bad practise.

In fact, the "several outdated assertions are true" are simply not true.


"Please be much more careful before posting silly remarks that state false information."

Thats pretty strong given that this blog is the thing that states false information. And on top of that, gives a very wrong impression. Its a perfect example of FUD.

And anyways, don't hit the messenger, I just clarified that this blog misstates facts badly :(

If the original point was "Those are lines in Pugs, not Perl 6", then the actual point would be "Pugs is not Perl 6", which would actually be "There is no official Perl 6 implementation yet".

And that, indeed, would be correct: none of the current implementations is officially blessed by Larry Wall as the one and only true Perl 6. However, Marc didn't comment on that. Instead, he focussed on there being 0 lines and that work wouldn't have begun. And that's just not true. There are many people who work on Perl 6, and there are thousands of lines of code.

If the point was to say that there is no official Perl 6 yet, then it would have been easy to make it literally, and I would have agreed. But Marc's approach was fuddy and about lines of code.

Audrey: next time you’re in Köln, feel free to give the cologne.pm a holler! (We’re not dead, even if the website is.)

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