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I actually checked in a test harness for Parrot's Perl 6 compiler last night, shortly after Patrick's announcement. We should be able to pull in the sanity tests almost anytime.

it would be great if you could expand on the last item and on the one about Capture objects pleeease do it :)

Hi Audrey!

I've been trying to follow p6l as close as I can and I'm pretty sure I've never even heard of sigil-casting operators. An update on what they are, what they do, and why we need them would be excellent (either here, on p6l, or both!)


chromatic: I made that "anytime" now, as I've committed the sanity tests from Pugs into the PGE tree. :-)

aufrank/riffraff: I'll gobby with gaal later today on explaining all these. :-)

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