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Ah! Thank you a million times. I've been trying to bootstrap ghc without ghc for a couple of days now. Next time, I think I'll save myself some trouble and just slam my head in a car door for an hour.

The "Non-Pro" MacBook will likely have a 13-inch screen, not a 15-incher.

John: Ooh, that nailed it - I'm waiting for the hi-res 13-inch version. It's likely to fit in my handbag better. :-)

Porting DBI::PurePerl to Pugs would be of limited value.

I've adedd a deeper "Reimplement the DBI v1 API in Pugs" suggestion to the Summer of Code ideas list,

Tim: Ahh, right. An "idiomatic" port is surely more important than a "transliterating" port, as we can already "use perl5:DBI", and at this point it'd be more interesting to explore the design changes that fits the Perl 6 model better.

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