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i can't be the only one having this error on Win32 but haven't seen it reported. had it for a few days. thanks.

C:/ghc/ghc-6.4.2/include/HsBase.h:506: warning: "struct dirent" declared inside parameter list
C:/ghc/ghc-6.4.2/include/HsBase.h:506: warning: its scope is only this definition or declaration, which is probably not what you want
C:/ghc/ghc-6.4.2/include/HsBase.h: In function `__hscore_d_name':
C:/ghc/ghc-6.4.2/include/HsBase.h:508: error: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type
Build failed: 256 at util\build_pugs.pl line 120.

offending code in Hsbase.h:
__hscore_d_name( struct dirent* d )
return (HsAddr)(d->d_name);

i think compiling UTF8.lhs is the issue but GHCi loads it Ok. no clue. rgds.

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