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I suppose '!perl/hash' is YAML 1.0 syntax while '!!perl/hash' is YAML 1.1 syntax. I believe all the existing YAML parsers including Syck bindings support YAML 1.0 only.

Is there a place to look for info about the Boston portion of the hackathon?

Hi Audrey,

First, this is not a perl-related comment, but I have no other known way to contact you. Please accept my apologies in advance if my doing so is construed to be inappropriate.

I am a Perl scripter and I came upon your name while browsing various Perl sites for fun.

I noticed you are an "individual anarchist" and also that you take upon yourself important projects.

I would love to share some extremely fundamental law-related concepts that I just know you will find intriguing, relevant, and crucial in our day and age.

If you are interested, just email me.


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