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Hey, what happened to using Takahashi for slides? :)

Chris: I got a MacBook... :-)

Seriously though, I still do all my slidese in Takahashi.xul syntax, and use a xul->opml->keynote converter to add Vim coloring. I've heard it reads better that way...


I thought your talk was fantastic! You sure blew us all away.

I am very impressed with the power you provide with just a few lines of code.


Audrey, might you post the original xul? The PDF and SWF files take ages to download.

I loved the presentation. Yes at times I was a little lost, but was very amazed at the concepts you displayed. The DBI-mini language, the XML::ALL, and such really showed powerful ways to make programming more natural in those situations. Great work!

Jayce, scarr: Thanks. :-) *blush*

Rory: I've modified the slides heavily after the import from .xul, and I don't have a .key->.xul converter handy, so perhaps not. I've added a HTML+Images version, though that's as large as the .swf one... The PDF one is still the smallest.

Where I can find this module XML::All ?

IIRC, Audrey said she would realease XML::All to CPAN shortly after the talk. :=)

Indeed, though I got distracted into Jifty::Web::Session::ClientSide and Jifty::Plugin::REST (both will be part of Jifty's next release), then with a falafel-induced mild food poisoning. In any case, XML::All 0.01 is now on CPAN. Sorry for the delay! :-)

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