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Deja vu... This appeared on use.perl.org 15 days ago, with associated comments.

Seriously, I love the increase in readability.

Please, post more such examples of Perl6 giving practical improvements to snippets of real Perl5 code.
It's that kind of stuff that makes me think I can learn to love Perl again.

To Chris Nolan: It's true this originally came from my use.perl journal. After talking with Audrey, I'm going to move (...copy) some of my Perl6 posts here for better visibility, and then I'll post Perl6 here directly after that, avoiding the duplicate content.


It's not the repetition that bothered me -- I'm fine with that. It's that it was a repeat without acknowledgment that it was a repeat.

Readers who missed the original would also miss all the comments attached to the original. And people like me who read a lot get confused when we see the same story reappear, and wonder what's wrong with out feed aggregators... :-)

Just a question. Why were these word selected for switch statement? Why not more usual for C-like languages : switch, case and default? It's frustrating. Perl was always for me a language with a syntax based on C but more scriptable

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