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Hi Audrey,

great presentation. Of course I've read some of it before, but great update.

I was thinking that it lacked dates in the timeline around slide 320-....

Another thing I've thinking about. I tried pugs 2.6.13 and what I've tried it's and seen in the changelogs look just fantastick.

I wonder about the -C JS though. A simple program of 7 lines (junction test) output 1.8MB of js, which I think would just kill my browser. Is there any hope, work done to improve this or am I just doing something wrong?

Martin: Thanks for the kind words. :-)

The SoC slides were dateless because they're all announced on the same date, namely June 1...

The .js currently generated includes the entire Prelude, that is all built-in functions, as well as the object model, because JavaScript 1.x does not have a sane way of reusing modules.

One way to improve this is to output some HTML that uses the shared Prelude as a library, then the output for a single program can be greatly reduced.

A commit bit is on its way to you, btw. :-)

Thanks for visiting and talking at Intel. What a breath of fresh whirlwind. It was fast and fun. Thanks again.

Suresh: Thanks a lot for inviting me; that was a lot of fun!

I've sent you a metacommitter bit to Pugs; feel free to invite interested folks to Intel into the Pugs project via http://commitbit.pugscode.org/ (requires login first). :-)

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