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Audrey Tang (Traditional chinese: 唐鳳) is a Taiwanese free software programmer, best known for initiating and leading the Pugs project, a joint effort from Haskell and Perl communities to implement the Perl 6 language.

She is also known for internationalization and localization contributions to several Free Software programs, including Kwiki, Request Tracker and Slash, as well as heading Traditional Chinese translation efforts for various Open Source-related books.

On CPAN, Tang maintains over 100 Perl projects, including the popular Perl Archive Toolkit (PAR), a cross-platform packaging and deployment tool for Perl 5. She is also responsible for setting up smoke test and digital signature systems for CPAN.

Being a high school dropout, Tang is a vocal proponent for autodidactism and individualist anarchism.

(This biography is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. It uses material from the Wikipedia article "Audrey Tang".)