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Man. You are a syck!

(In the good way)


The Syck repository is open for all (you have to have a Rubyforge account as a prerequisite):


I've sort of glanced through perl_syck.h. How nice that Perl has a pile of UTF-8 calls.

a dumb question...

YAML::Syck munges Unicode text into \xHH format, whilst YAML doesn't.

i understand that this is a limitation of libsyck itself. but how do i convert the munged text back into native Unicode?

Set $YAML::Syck::ImplicitUnicode to a true value.

Also, if your Unicode text is properly marked as such (via utf8::decode or Encode::decode or the :encoding or :utf8 input layer), then it should serialize without escaping.

It's arguably broken if YAML.pm serializes unmarked byte strings into unescaped UTF-8.

Nevertheless, it would be nice, if you can find some time to send it back to Why.

Why is aware of my UTF8 treatment and we've discussed it on #perl6 a while ago. :-) (Hi stas!)

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