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Both the Haskell and the keynote presentation were grand. It took me some time getting used to your accent, but once I did - I got "in the zone" and understood your words and (most of) the concepts, getting some deep insights along the way. Loved the Erdos reference. Pugs seems to be the most successful social-hacker thing since Linux, so congrats to you for making it happens.

Alex: Thanks for your kind words. *blush*

I'd need more realspace interaction to improve my voice; maybe I should do some podcasting or recorded talk videos and gather feedback about my accent...

Oh, I so would've wanted to hear the Learn Haskell talk. Was it recorded? Did anyone type it in, while listening? Curiousity kills me.

Don't worry about your voice. I actually have a slight hearing issue. I did mean that once I got into the groove (your delivery + the "Takahashi" + the puns and stuff) it was like looking into a 3D picture and just grokking. Finally: everybody should see the "VB Rocks" slide show.

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