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Amazing work, Audrey!
I've been lurking since day one (an entry on the Haskell Wiki IIRC).


Congratulations and much admiration both for your work on Pugs as well as your bold and brave changes.

Is interfacing Pugs with Parrot still a goal of this project? The Pugs/Parrot smoketests appear to fail the majority of the tests. What obstacles remain to make Parrot a first-class backend for Pugs?

Jeff: For next week's hackathon, I'll be focusing on targetting Perl 5, mostly because the hackathoners (including Larry) are more versed in Perl 5 than in Parrot. But next month I'll stay in Leo's place and get Parrot compilation up to speed -- the obstacles are mainly on porting the object space to Parrot, as well as a better PIR code generator from the Haskell side.

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