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i'm almost starting to get confused here. once again, great posts audrey. BUT i am starting to get a little dizzy and can't fully grok:

- what current perl6 syntax pugs supports
- what current perl6 syntax itself is frozen
- how far we need to go with pugs
- the who/what/where about cutting over to parrot
- how exactly the perl5 filter fits in

in other words, i need to be de-idiotized with a state of the onion (but a real state of the onion, not the usual comedy routines larry puts on), and i suspect lots of other people do too.

I belive, nothing is really 'frozen'? but some parts (flow control, function definition/call syntax, rules, OO) are less likely to change than the others (marcos). Some things are underspecced/unspecced (threads, builtins, embedding, distro/libraries).

Most work is now concentrated on bridging the gap between Pugs/lrep (parsers/interpreters, 'high level' implementations of P6) and Parrot 'the VM'; and bootstrapping (by moving Pugs/lrep infrastructures gradually from Haskell/p5 to p6).

That's what I gather from blogs here and lurking on perl6-* lists.

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