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Hi Audrey,

For the XUL/Flash hybrid to work, you'll need to drop the 'remote control' swf into the same directory from http://arasphere.net/perl6/takahashi/takremote.swf - and also the transcoded mp3 from http://arasphere.net/perl6/takahashi/mariner2.mp3.

In order to create a cue file, run firefox (or moz) from the console - making sure you've set browser.dom.window.dump.enabled = true in about:config or user.js. Then, give the flash component mouse whilst it's playing the presentation, and hit 'p' to spew the XML out to the browser's stdout. It's not pretty, but it was just a quick proof of concept ;)

The latest version of the flash/xul 'engine' can probably be found at http://arasphere.net/perl6/takahashi/mariner.xul - i'll split the ActionScript out of the main .fla file next time i'm in the vicinity and upload it somewhere.

-- A


I just uploaded 0.02 of Moose to CPAN, which includes (among other things) documentation ;-)

- Stevan

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