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audrey - a small pugs request...when i go to build and install pugs on my linux box, it wants to write to /usr...i would like to be ab le to contain the full installation in $HOME/local. sorry for muddying your forum with project requests, but i have already established my idiot credentials

Hi Audrey,
Might you comment on the state of Pugs/Parrot integration? I'm a bit confused as to the direction of Perl6. Is more effort going towards a Perl5 backend now?

Hey, what's up with Pugs and you? :)

Andras: A lot is going on (see p6l and irc.pugscode.org). :-)

But the back-to-back conferences+hackathons proved to be too hectic to journal about -- i.e. things happens faster than my comprehension...

I'll see if I can remedy somewhat this weekend. Sorry about that. :)

Thanks for the info. :) Unfortunately, I have no time these months to check the lists and IRC, but very interested in it. Your summaries are a lot of help to me to track where is Perl6 today.

i am checking back here once in a while for new journals too.

even a really short list of what is happening in Perl 6 and Pugs would be sufficient. :)

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