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Congrats for R10000 (what a huuuge number!), and for your birthday, too! ;)

there is a renewed sense of energy in perl6 development, and these blog postings have been very educational and fun to read. the regularity of parrot releases has also help signal development inertia to the rest of the world. thanks especially to you audrey for charging up this process.

now i would like to make some requests known:

1. with the great progress across all aspects of perl6 development, a birds-eye doc of some kind would be nice. something to tell me what code does what, what state it is at, and what language features each supports.

2. a hugs build that can be completely located in $HOME for isolation

3. a perl6 language guide for learners who have installed parrot and pugs and want to know what they can code now.

4. weekly summaries to be coded up again, what happened to these? the last perl6 weekly summary is months old.

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