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i cannot seem to build this on ubuntu dapper. there is a (new?) requirement on p5's Module::Install, which i obtained through ubuntu repositories as


but this is not adequate:

Cannot find an extension with method 'all_from' at /usr/share/perl5/Module/Install/Admin.pm line 185.
make: *** [build_perl5] Error 9

any ideas audrey?

the version of this file (Admin.pm) is 0.29

grumpY: Hmm, strange, this release should not require Module::Install, as it comes with its own copy of Module::Install. Can you paste the log somewhere of the entire installation log script?

Also, try installing Modulle::Install from CPAN and see if it works better.

i retract my statement - i was using the subversion repo which is admittedly a moving target for which i should have no expectations. i retried with the RELEASE tarball of 6.2.12 from cpan and all is well.

And DanKogai++ provided a fix on the trunk as well. Can you try again?

new error from svn, reproduced on ubuntu dapper x86 and ppc:

Cannot import `Data.ByteString':
it was found in multiple packages: pugs-fps-0.7 fps-0.7
(imported from src/Pugs/AST/Internals/Instances.hs)
Build failed: 256 at util/build_pugs.pl line 126.

grumpY: Please run:
ghc-pkg unregister fps
ghc-pkg unregister --user fps
and it should build after r11231...

your advice worked! i was able to build and install r11236. thanks for helping me out.

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