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Great work! I find this useful. If there were just an index page here:


I would find this more useful than the Synopsis posted on dev.perl.org.

One more comment: the part of the link that says "/home/audreyt/pugs" could be removed, since it's implied the tests are part of pugs.

Great idea, really!

Markstos: I fixed the link in your comment. Also I agree -- util/smartline.pl line 314 needs an extra:

$file =~ s{.*/t/}{t/};

to strip the generated output of the leading path. I'll commit it tomorrow when svn is back, if noone had beat me to it, and it'd be reflected automatically in 1hr...

Wow, this is a wonderful idea and long overdue. Now it's possible to see at a glance what part of the synopses are covered, what tests need to be updated when synopses change. And also makes it easier for us lazy potential contributors to see what tests need to be written, just by looking through the synopses.

Markstos: Thank you for your suggestions. And there will be an index page on feather very soon. :)

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