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Hmm, ActivePerl 5.8.x + MSVC also works for PadWalker, Data::Bind and thus v6.pm. :)

I am amazed by all the nice work from you guys.

There's one thing I'm interested in, that I didn't understand so far: Does v6 produce an AST that is compatible to the Haskell version of the Perl6 compiler? Are the front- and backends interchangeable? Can I, for example, use the Parser/Lexer part written in Perl5 and then compile the PIL2 (or whatever) to Javascript/Parrot etc. with Haskell-Pugs?


Currently only a few compiler components are reusable between implementations, but we are working on it.

The shared AST format will most likely happen when we get Perl6-in-Perl6 working, because this will allow the same compiler to run in several backends.

Thanks for the answer!

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