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There's much, much more -- #perl6 is still working on the ChangeLog as of this writing. Compared to 6.2.12, Pugs is definitely approaching the Hey, what was the big deal? stage now...


Well, I'll just note here that the axis on your chart is "community goodwill", and I'm assuming that goodwill means the wider community.

I still see the wider community treating Perl 6 like Duke Nukem Forever and being quite vicious about it.

Personally, I don't think we reach "What was the big deal" until at some point in time (and lets go with this Christmas at this point) someone (you, Larry, etc) stamp "Perl 6 Alpha" on a release and get your slashdot/digg/et-al headline.

I think that's the point at which we start to get that goodwill back up there.

Is the Amazon visit public? I work in downtown Seattle and would love to attend the talk. Also, I know some folks who work there, so if it's a 'by invite' thing, I might still be elligable.

I'm also happy to see you posting again. I frequently use your posts to explain to people how very alive the Perl6 and related projects are.

Adam: Point very well taken (and agreed).

"Perl 6 Alpha" will denote the spec, not any particular implementation version. Having some assurance that the core language won't change drastically and break all your programs (which is what -alpha would mean to me) is certainly a very good way to encourage adoption.

Robert: I think it's two private talks on the 27th. And thanks for your encouragement. :-)

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