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Thanks for presenting @ Amazon.com; I learned a lot about both JFDI (as I would lik to call it!) and Perl6/Pugs. I anticipate the ideas and deliverables of these talks will quickly work their way into our ecosystem. I'm sure many (if they haven't already!) will reciprocate with commits. Thanks!

Hi guys, i saw the presentations slides and they look great!.

I would like to know the tool used to make the code syntax highlighting. Im planning to make a presentation about Perl at work so it would be great if i could include syntax hightlighting into the presentation.

Thanx in advance, XD

pd: sorry about my english, but im learning ;)

Alfredo: I use the Text::VimColor module to generate HTML, then copy/pasted it from Safari to Keynote:

Both talks were wonderful!

Thanx for the Hack Audrey!!

Thanks for the talk. I really enjoyed it and learned a ton! Looks like you've done some great work on this!

Very excting pugs presentation! As soon as I get some free cycles I'll start playing with it and hopefully have some patches for you. (In the mean time, I'm going to start submiting smoke reports on OpenBSD, since I don't see anyone else doing that.)

As for Jifty... it's looking cool, but I'm still in love with Catalyst :)

Folks: Much thanks for your nice words; I have nothing else to repay your generous comments, so I sent you some commit bits instead.

Looking forward to see you in the AUTHORS file and on #perl6! :-)

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