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It's a bit embarrassed to post a message here which is not relevant to blog topic. Sorry for that.

I ran into an article on CNet about an interview of you regarding open-source software. From there, I came to learn about your profession and perhaps there's a chance that I may get my query resolved by some advisable learning paths in utilizing open-source software. If my attempt is understood and accepted, please allow me move on further.

From last year, I started to learn PHP and web related software with a goal to build a collaborative website on my own. The more I learn, the more I feel it like an immense sea. It brings up worry against my goal. Then, an idea to utilize open-source software as the backbone and with some modifications to achieve functional and characteristic purposes is considered attainable.

But, due to my entry level in programming, even already having ideas about the website, I just don't know how to start with in case a software is chosen and downloaded. My questions are:

1. According to your knowledge, are there any other suggestive alternatives to reach the goal? (please exclude hiring programmers at this stage)

2. In case the backbone-modification approach is workable, what are the basic requirements that I should prepare ready as to achieve the goal? And, what specifically should I pay attention to? Are there any guiding books to introduce?

3. Any training classes out there to teach "how to utilize open-source software to customize and fit your demands"? (could not find one)

Perhaps, I asked a lot. Please kindly extend your help. Thanks in advance.


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