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For this average hacker to contribute, I'll need a more concrete example of what it would look like to work on a task.

I mean, how do I to work around the bootstrapping problem? You are asking people to write a compiler in a language that doesn't exist yet using the language that doesn't exist yet.
It's confusing.

What's the development cycle look like for this?

AFAIK, KindaPerl6 is supposed be bootstrapped by MiniPerl6 which itself was bootstrapped by v6-alpha (a Perl 6 on Perl 5 compiler using v6.pm + PCR).

It's a "confusing" plan but also a beautiful one :)


The kp6 directory (v6/v6-KindaPerl6/) contains the tools you need for bootstrapping the compiler and for running programs.

Compiler source code can be compiled with:

$ perl mp6.pl < lib/Some/File.pl > lib5/Some/File.pl

Programs written in Perl 6 can be compiled and run with:

$ perl kp6-perl5.pl < t/kp6/01-tap.t | perl -Ilib5

There are shortcut scripts for some common operations:

$ perl recompile.pl # recompiles all kp6 source

$ sh run_tests.sh # runs all kp6 tests

Only the Perl 5 backend is fully implemented; Parrot (through Perl6-in-Parrot), JVM (through Groovy), and Python (possibly through RPython) are experimental.

Does it require perl 5.8, or can perl 5.9/10 be used?


There are no special requirements for the Perl version.

Neat! Thanks everyone for the clarifications.

Now I'm interested to try it.

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