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I'd like to thank chromatic++ for his swift and gracious reply:

Thanks for replying. I don't mean to minimize any of those projects by omission, and I apologize for not mentioning them. I'm glad to hear you consider my assessment of Pugs.hs accurate.

Could you say more about actual work on gradual typing (in 6.28.x or elsewhere)? I've hoped for years to see some actual development on this and have been frustrated.

A pointer to docs on design of 6.28.x if they exist would be interesting.

Jed, that's a great question.

For Perl-specific, runtime-verified gradual typing, Moose::Manual::Types is a pretty good start.

For a glance on compile-time verified gradual typing, please refer to Siek and Wadler's POPL 2010 paper and chase the references. :-)

Also, Siek's PEPM 2010 keynote, General Purpose Languages Should be Metalanguages, is a pretty good read on (one of the many) motivations of Perl 6 development...

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