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上次看見您詢問是否可以中譯這篇應答,就一直想坐享其成。 ;)

當然可以,我的網誌是 CC0/公領域,請逕轉。

Pm 也說過了,希望愈多人看到愈好。:-)

dear tang,
I'm a programmer from Fujian Province in China,I have just graduated from university one year.I love perl, but I've find the language is so difficulty to learn.Someone let me to learn python instead, how could choose?And I'm also intetresting in compiler, it is difficult too.Could you give some advise or sugestion.Thank you very much.

Dear Lin,

The best way to choose among two languages is to learn both first.

Learning Python makes learning Perl easier, and vice versa, so my advice would be start with learning from whatever your friend knows, and learn the other one so your friend can learn from you. :-)

The Perl 5 Wiki has some information in books and online tutorials that you may find useful:


Besides the excellent published books cited above, there is an upcoming book, "Modern Perl", that introduces a modern, concise and useful part of the Perl 5 language. Draft chapters are here:


As for compilers, my first book on that topic was "Types and Programming Languages" by Benjamin C. Pierce; it's a nice book and I sincerely recommend it.

Hope that helps! :-)

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